Dedication To Open Source

Our entire foundation is built on open source.

In turn, we maintain and support several open source & libre projects in our effort to keep open source a thriving force for good in the world. We urge all to join us in our mission!

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Projects That We Run

TwitterPub is our ActivityPub service offered to the public for free. It can be used to view Tweets and profiles from Twitter on Mastodon instances.

We run a mirror to aid organizations with their bandwidth needs and storage requirements of ISOs and files. The mirror we run for Qubes OS is an example. Giving back is our duty.

ULayer Tor Relays

We run many Tor relays in our effort to keep the internet open and free for all. With these relays we provide a considerable amount of traffic to the Tor network. Tor provides a way for those living in authoritarian surveillance states to access the internet securely and anonymously.

Projects & Organizations We Support

Crypto World

An organization of thinkers, activists, hackers and cypherpunks. They support infosec, opsec, privacy & anonymity in the world of technology.

A free and open XMPP/Jabber server that utilizes strong authentication, PFS and DNSSEC.


Making it easier to run a Tor Relay, Bridge, or Exit node.