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Hi all,

We’d just like to notify everyone that our new custom is coming along nicely and it has some new features which we’re really excited about. Instead of having a separate username and password for our billing portal, and, they are now integrated into one login system, that of! This will require something on your part though, you will need to either:

1. Login to and visit to change your password.

2. Visit and request a password reset, which will email you a reset link.

Due to the way our new login system works, your password needs to be reset, because it must be re-hashed and inserted into our database table. On 9/27/19 if your password hasn’t been reset by you, we’ll manually reset user’s passwords who haven’t done so already. Next time you’d like to login to your account you’ll need to reset your password to access it.

Once you have reset your password, if you have virtual machine services with us, they can be accessed at using the same credentials you’ve set at

We’re continuing to work on new features and are really excited for what’s to come! Let us know if you have any questions.

Universal Layer Team

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