Privacy friendly IT infrastructure

High quality, reliable and fast virtual servers (aka VPS) running on our 24/7 monitored hypervisors.

Suitable for most operating systems, Linux, Windows, BSD and any application you can throw at them.

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We offer managed and unmanaged cPanel shared hosting. Affordable pricing with performant servers. A managed plan provides you with access to seasoned Systems Administrators to assist with setup and issues.

Want to move your site to us? We’ll migrate you for free and provide the support you’ve been looking for.

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Looking for something else but it’s not mentioned here? Shoot us a message and we’ll see if we can help!

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Custom Control Panel

With our completely custom control panel, we're not just another WHMCS host. We know code and we built our panel from the bottom-up.

Manage your virtual machines and services with ease. We're focused on constantly improving our code. We're inspired by taking suggestions and requests from you, the user!

What makes us different


Always redundant storage and monitoring of every server.


Intel/AMD CPUs, high frequency ECC RAM and enterprise storage.


Security is always a forethought, we bake it into everything we do.

Privacy & Transparency

Privacy is of utmost importance, we're cypherpunks at heart. We believe in accountability, and being transparent with our customers. You should know what's going on, not be ignored or lied to.

No spying. No crazy policies. Ever.


Data is always encrypted on our storage. No data transits in plain-text.

Open Source

Largely based on open standards and open source software.

Your New Guide

We know modern datacenter infrastructure, hardware, code and best practices for IT.

We are constantly innovating for you.

Let us guide you on your journey. We're here to be your helping hand through the universe of technology.

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